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The Forthcoming Gatherings section in The Christadelphian magazine is a comprehensive list of events taking place at ecclesias throughout the world. While basic information for events occurring in the next few months can be found in the magazine, full details for all events are included in this section.

The list below shows a summary of the content; click on the event title to view further details, from where you can add the event to your calendar or share it on your preferred social network using the buttons provided. It is assumed the event takes place at the ecclesia’s usual meeting place unless a different venue has been supplied. Whilst we trust all events will adhere to current COVID guidelines, those that are hosted online are noted.

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Morecambe Family Afternoon

Morecambe ecclesial hall Christadelphian Hall, Main Rd, Lancaster

An afternoon of fellowship and study, with tea provided. The studies will be suitable for children and young people, with

Knowle and Dorridge Praise and Study Day

Leek Wootton Village Hall Leek Wootton War Memorial Recreation Ground, Warwick Rd, Leek Wootton, Warwick

Speaker: Bro. Richard Alleyne (Walsall).

Birmingham (Acocks Green) Study Afternoon

Birmingham (Acocks Green) Ecclesial Hall Christadelphian Hall, Station Rd, Birmingham

Speaker: Bro. Joshua Harrison (Nottingham, Forest Road); theme: “Prayer”: (1) “Principles”; (2) “Practice”. Refreshments will be served after the meeting.

Stirling Fellowship Day

Stirling ecclesial hall Stirling Christadelphian Hall, 40 Main St, Bannockburn, Stirling

Speaker: Bro. Nigel Patterson (Newquay); theme: “Lessons for saints in an alien society”.

Coventry (West) Fraternal Gathering

Coventry (West) Ecclesial Hall Christadelphian Hall, Whoberley Ave, Coventry

Speaker: Bro. Nicholas White (Pershore); theme: “James – the brother of the Lord” (two talks). Tea served between the talks.

Ormskirk Study and Serve Day

Ormskirk Ecclesial Hall Ormskirk Christadelphians, Christadelphian Hall, Moorgate, Ormskirk

The serving activity will be staffing a market stall and billing in the morning and early afternoon; the Study will

Halifax (Balmoral Place) Fraternal Gathering

Halifax (Balmoral Place) Ecclesial Hall Halifax Christadelphians, Balmoral Pl, Halifax

Speaker: Bro. Luke Whitehouse (Shirley); theme: “Joseph: saviour of his brethren” (two talks).

Fawley / Swindon joint Fraternal Gathering

Swindon ecclesial hall Christadelphian Hall, Warwick Rd, Swindon

Speaker: Bro. David Blacklock (Coventry, Grosvenor Road); theme: “The parables of Christ”: (1) “The Parable of the Vineyard”; (2) “The Parable of

West Bromwich Spring Fraternal Gathering

West Bromwich Ecclesial Hall West Bromwich Christadelphians, Lloyd St, West Bromwich

Speaker: Bro. Geoff Cave (Nottingham, Forest Road); theme: “The gracious blessing of fellowship”: (1) “The awesome presence of Yahweh”; (2) “Fellowship with


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