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The Forthcoming Gatherings section in The Christadelphian magazine is a comprehensive list of events taking place at ecclesias throughout the world. While basic information for events occurring in the next few months can be found in the magazine, full details for all events are included in this section.

The list below shows a summary of the content; click on the event title to view further details, from where you can add the event to your calendar or share it on your preferred social network using the buttons provided. It is assumed the event takes place at the ecclesia’s usual meeting place unless a different venue has been supplied. Whilst we trust all events will adhere to current COVID guidelines, those that are hosted online are noted.

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Birmingham (Acocks Green) Study Afternoon

Birmingham (Acocks Green) Ecclesial Hall Christadelphian Hall, Station Rd, Birmingham, United Kingdom

Speaker: Bro. Joshua Harrison (Nottingham, Forest Road); theme: “Prayer”: (1) “Principles”; (2) “Practice”. Refreshments will be served after the meeting.

Ormskirk Study and Serve Day

Ormskirk Ecclesial Hall Ormskirk Christadelphians, Christadelphian Hall, Moorgate, Ormskirk, United Kingdom

The serving activity will be staffing a market stall and billing in the morning and early afternoon; the Study will

Glasgow (South) Easter Study Day

Glasgow (South) ecclesial hall Glasgow South Christadelphian Hall, 115 Dundrennan Rd, Glasgow, United Kingdom

Speaker: Bro. Karam Ram (Oldbury); theme: “The covenants of God”: (1) “The covenant”; (2) “The New Covenant”. Followed by tea.

Rockingham Forest Spring Study Afternoon

Pytchley Village Hall Pytchley Village Hall, Church Rd, Kettering, United Kingdom

Speaker: Bro. John Beall (Lye); theme: “A healing walk with Jesus from Capernaum to Nain”: (1) “The servant and the son”;

Bedford Study Day

Bedford Ecclesial Hall Bedford Christadelphian Hall, 1 Alexandra Pl, Bedford, United Kingdom

Speaker: Bro. Trevor Radbourne (Sheffield); theme: “Events surrounding the return of the Lord”.

Bristol (Downend) Study Afternoon

Bristol (Downend) Ecclesial Hall Downend Christadelphian Church, Christadelphian Hall, Hill House Rd, Downend, United Kingdom

Speaker: Bro. Alan Sutton (Mumbles); theme: “The High Priest’s garments”. Light refreshments to follow.

Clowne Spring Study Afternoon

Speaker: Bro. Simeon Guntrip (Manchester, Sale); theme: “The Psalms of Moses”: (1) “Psalm 90 – a prayer of Moses”; (2) “Psalm 91

Mountsorrel Study Afternoon

Mountsorrel Ecclesial Hall Mountsorrel Christadelphians, Mountsorrel, Loughborough, United Kingdom

Speaker: Bro. Sam Tomkins (Coventry, East); theme: “Learning from the miracles of Christ”: (1) “Seeing and hearing”; (2) “Walking and living”. Refreshments

Coventry (Grosvenor Road) Special Study Evening

Coventry (Grosvenor Road) Ecclesial Hall Coventry Christadelphian Hall, Grosvenor Rd, Coventry, United Kingdom

Speaker: Bro. Carl Parry (Salisbury, S. Australia); theme: “Simeon and Anna – examples of commitment in old age”.


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