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Speakers and subjects: Brethren Steve Hornhardt (Salisbury, South Australia) – “Behold I come! Blessed are they that watch” (Revelation 11, 16 and 14); Mark Johnson (Lye) – “Habakkuk: I will stand upon my watch”; Luke Whitehouse (Shirley) – “Noah and the salvation of his house”.

In addition to the main studies there will be various other activities arranged (Signs of the times / Bible Class / family evening / quiz / sports activities / craft sessions / bookshop, etc.).

Prices are as follows: Adult en-suite room: £465; Full time students (18+): £340; 11-17: £260; 6-10 inclusive: £165; 4-5 inclusive: £90; 0-3 inclusive: free. Maximum family charge: £1,175 (family = parent(s) and any children under the age of 18).

Booking can be made from 10 Jun. 2023, at 9 am via our website.

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