Things new and old

THE instructed scribe of Christ’s own household has a duty towards his fellow-members of the house. That duty is to “bring forth out of his treasure things new and old”. The qualified scribe has his “treasure” – the knowledge of God’s word, and to the extent that he has prayerfully studied it, seeking to divide it rightly as a good workman (2 Timothy 2:15), so he is a good scribe. Such is the quality of the “treasure” that its full beauties are never fully comprehended, and the most diligent students know how unsearchable are the riches of God’s revelation. Hence there is a never-failing interest in the “food” the scribe provides, things ever “new” while “old”. Without any deviation from first principles of God’s word there is a continued freshness in its presentation …

This short parable is an encouragement to men of every age to follow the Lord as teachers, to be like him students of God’s word, like him to present in full loyalty to the scriptures the unfailing wonder of the grace of God as it is revealed in the many-sided presentation of the oracles of God.

JOHN CARTER, Parables of the Messiah, page 112.