The beginning of a new life

JESUS knew that the good seed had fallen into good soil and had germinated. All he had to say was “Follow me”, and without hesitation Levi the publican “arose, and followed him”. In Jesus he had found the understanding and sympathy that he had long desired and the heart of the despised outcast was filled with gratitude.

The heart of Matthew (for so we will now call him) was susceptible to the spoken word as it fell from the lips of the Son of man, and Jesus knew that in him lay the making of a good disciple. Indeed, there is little doubt that Christ foresaw the great work that this man, raised to the status of an Apostle, would perform in the writing of that indispensable record of the Master’s doings and sayings that we have in our hands today. The author of the “Gospel according to Matthew” was, like many before him, an instrument chosen by God whereby the Gospel would be preached to all nations.

PERCY LANDER, The Christadelphian, 1972, pages 447,448.