Salted with fire

WE need not be discouraged because of the stolid indifference of the people to the truth. Flesh and blood is naturally swinish and unimpressible by the thoughts of God. The world, which is choked with religion, such as it is, is made of this stiff-necked material. It is in the state of an inebriate who has caroused himself into “delirium tremens”, or a snoring apoplexy. Its excitation or brain-congestion can only be relieved by copious depletion. To preach the truth to it is like telling fables to a deaf man; putting a jewel in a swine’s snout; or casting things holy to dogs. This is the nature of the flesh and blood world – it is only evil, and that continually. But all the individuals of this perverse race are not so absolutely controlled by the evil thereof as to be incapable of sobriety in word and deed. The race has some “honest and good hearts” yet, which are as salt, preserving it from total and irretrievable corruption. They require, however, to be salted with wisdom, and persecution, or fire, for the truth’s sake, to make them fit for the Master’s use (Mark 9:49,50).

JOHN THOMAS, The Faith in the Last Days, page 241.