Fearless proclamation

THE whole history of the life and times of Jeremiah attests the truth of “the word of the Lord”; and more than that, the whole history of Israel and of the world down to the present time, when Jerusalem, rising from the dust of ages, is becoming “a burdensome stone for all peoples”, and all peoples of the earth in their rival “peace” policies are being divinely gathered together against it (Zechariah 12). At such a time as this we do well to remember that, according to the word of the Lord, the promise of divine guidance and protection is contingent upon fearless proclamation of the word of the Lord, and that a prophet afraid of proclaiming that word against all corners is of no use to God, and will by Him be “confounded” in the presence of apostate enemies.

C. C. WALKER, The Ministry of the Prophets: Jeremiah, page 9.