On May 14, 2023, Israel celebrated its 75th anniversary. As part of this occasion, we are pleased to announce the publication of Bro. Stephen Whitehouse’s new book, The Story of Israel & the Coming of Elijah. This must-read account explores Israel’s significance in God’s plan and examines how this fulfils the Scriptures.
God’s chosen people returning to the land after 2000 years of exile is the greatest sign of Christ’s imminent return and the establishment of God’s kingdom on earth (Luke 21:29-33). Christadelphians worldwide embrace “the Hope of Israel”, recognising Israel’s restoration as the essential nucleus of God’s kingdom.

Do you wonder about Elijah’s role in God’s kingdom? Jesus said Elijah would restore all things (Mark 9:12).This book unveils Elijah’s mission.

Filled with eye-catching photos, charts, and a helpful appendix, Bro. Stephen’s book caters for all readers, from Bible scholars to newcomers. With accessible language and an engaging style, it’s an enjoyable read best enjoyed with a Bible in hand.

The book unfolds in five parts.
1. Israel’s Biblical History: Abraham’s promises to Old Testament events up to 70 AD.
2. The Last Two Thousand Years: The Jewish Diaspora, their prophetic return, and early Christadelphians’ reactions.
3. Challenging Times Ahead: Elijah’s future work and prophecies about Gog and Israel’s invasion.
4. Israel’s Transformation: God’s deliverance and Israel’s spiritual journey under Elijah’s guidance.
5. The Kingdom of God: The final gathering of God’s people in the Promised Land and King Jesus’ reign.

The Story of Israel & the Coming of Elijah is a fascinating book highlighting Israel’s pivotal role in God’s grand scheme.


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Author(s): Stephen Whitehouse
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