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The Patriarchal Family


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Preface: “Among all that have ever lived, the patriarchal family of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, miraculously founded by Abraham and Sarah in their old age, is unique. First, through the promises made to them, the course of their long line stretching forward four thousand years and beyond was revealed; secondly, they were to become a great nation whose survival intact to our own day has proved the existence and power of God; and thirdly, they would be the vehicle whereby all the families of the earth would be blessed.

Yet for all that, the family behaved as humanly as any other. Their performance as God’s chosen people was patchy to say the least. Jealousy, scheming’s, sexual rivalry, deceptions and a hatred so profound that it led to the selling into slavery of one of its members were all part of the darker patchwork of their lives. But through these experiences, as the family progressed to become a tribe and went on to the verge of nationhood, its members were being sifted and tested by God to try their faith in Him.

How, despite their failures, the families survived and prevailed in God’s providence is the story of this little book (which was first produced as articles in ‘The Christadelphian’ Magazine). It highlights a generally neglected aspect of Bible truth that related to Abraham’s promised Seed, The Lord Jesus Christ, and is the groundwork of the gospel of the Kingdom of God.”


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Author(s): John Mitchell
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 106
Publisher: Penrhyn Books


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