Preface: “God desires all men to be saved and to come to a knowledge of the truth,” wrote Paul, the Apostle specifically chosen by the Lord Jesus to carry the gospel of the Kingdom of God to the Gentiles. How this Jewish Rabbi, steeped in the Law of Moses and the traditions of his fathers first became early Christianity’s greatest enemy and then its greatest champion is the story of this book.

Paul’s conversion on the road to Damascus is universally recognised as the most dramatic in history. It marked the start of a lifetime’s career in the service of Christ that caused Paul to traverse again and again the lands and seas of the Roman world with almost unbelievable adventures and trials as he preached the Word that had been committed to him.

Additionally, the Ecclesia’s he, and others with him, founded everywhere they went led to his writing letters that became the very foundation of Christian theology, which, when placed alongside his total commitment and impeccable conduct, set the highest example of discipleship.

The persecutions Paul suffered from his own race and the Roman power left him embattled at every turn, but never cowed. He knew Whom he had believed, and was persuaded the Lord would maintain him to the end. So, after fighting the good fight of faith, and then being despatched by the sword, he now awaits the Crown of Life that was promised to him.


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Author(s): John Mitchell
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 145
Publisher: Penrhyn Books


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