First published as a series in the Testimony Magazine between August 2006 & January 2010.

Preface: The God of all the earth, in revealing His plan of salvation for fallen mankind, chose two outstanding servants from the Hebrew race: Moses as the medium of His Law to the Jews in the Old Testament, and Paul as the conveyor of His Grace to the Gentiles in the New. His providence prepared both servants for their respective roles which, though not parallel, had defining moments that changed their lives for ever.

Moses was the product of a priestly family, and was recognised from his birth as “no ordinary child”. His mother, in an outstanding act of faith, preserved him from judicial drowning in the River Nile by artfully insinuating him into the Egyptian Royal Family through adoption by a powerful Princess. In this way he became a great Prince, educated and practised in all the wisdom and arts of the mightiest nation in the world at that time. But, ever mindful of his mother’s counsel, he never forgot to which nation he belonged; and so, when he was forty years old, in defending a Hebrew slave, he arrived at his own pivotal moment that ultimately led to his becoming, under God, the greatest national leader and lawgiver in history.


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Author(s): John Mitchell
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 172
Publisher: The Testimony


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