As Science Editor of The Testimony magazine for almost 20 years, the author has published many fascinating articles demonstrating the work of a Divine Designer in the amazing complexity of the natural world. From the awesome universe to the minutest particle of matter, nothing has been too large or too small to engage the author’s attention in presenting the evidence of design to argue for the existence of an almighty Creator.

This representative selection of articles shows the open-minded reader that it is reasonable to have a Bible-based faith in God as the originator of human life and of the world around us. With profusely illustrated material about the universe, plants, insects, birds and animal and human life, and with a final section about faith in the Bible as God’s Word, this book provides vivid testimony of the inadequacy of all forms of evolutionary theory.

Through education systems and modern media, today’s world is saturated with atheistic and materialistic propaganda, to all of which this book is a welcome antidote. With clarity and directness it shows that a careful appraisal of the natural world can encourage belief in the God of the Bible as the great Creator.

The evidence of design and purpose is demonstrated on every page of the book. It not only highlights the many deficiencies of the theory of evolution; it also promotes and sustains a sense of awe at the intricate and eloquent handiwork of the God Who made and sustains everything in our world.


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Author(s): David Burges
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 202
Publisher: The Christadelphian – The Testimony Series


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