This fourth volume of our Story of the Bible continues the dramatic story of the nation of Israel under the kings of Judah, from the days of the unfortunate Joash to the eventual downfall of the kingdom at the hands of the Babylonians. It is a sad period of Israel’s history, for it saw the desolation of the throne of David and the removal of God’s people from the city of Jerusalem.

The sinfulness of the nation to whom Almighty God had given such great privileges and who had protected them from their enemies, became so great that He could no longer bear with them. Wickedness must be forsaken if we are to please the Father, and this the people of Judah refused to do, even though many prophets were sent to them with God’s appeal to repent of their evil.

Nevertheless, a faithful remnant remained: a small group of men and women who were prepared to honour the God of David, and to uphold the principles for which that great man stood. And there were some godly kings, who endeavoured to stem the tide of apostasy, and to turn the people back to God.

The Section headings are:

  • Kings in Apostasy
  • The Ministry of the Prophets
  • Last Years of the Kingdom in Samaria
  • The Throne of David in Judah
  • The Days of the Reformation
  • The Last Days of the Kingdom of Judah
  • Israel in the Enemies’ Land
  • Israel Returns to the Promised Land
  • In the Persian Capital
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Author(s): H. P. Mansfield
Pages: 400
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: Logos


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