This third volume of our Story of the Bible introduces us to the golden age of Israel’s history; to the time when the kingdom was ruled by David and Solomon the admiration of other nations. Unfortunately for Israel (though not for Gentiles – see Romans 11:12-23) it did not retain this glory, but, turning aside from the way of Yahweh, it experienced distress. The previously united kingdom was divided, and because of constant alternating periods of apostasy, the record is one of sunshine and cloud, of victory and defeat, of faithful obedience and ungrateful wickedness.

This book begins with the commencement of David’s reign as king of Israel through to how Hosea warned the people of coming trouble.

The Section headings are:

  • Israel’s Greatest King
  • King David’s National Troubles
  • The Golden Age of Israel’s History
  • Devision in Israel
  • The Witness of the Prophets
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Author(s): H. P. Mansfield
Pages: 416
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: Logos



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