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The Warrior Tamed


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An exposition and continuation of ‘The People’s Choice’ focusing on the First and Second books of Samuel.

Contents of the Book:

  • Early Days:
    • Promises from the beginning
    • More Roots
    • He is the one
    • Anointing
  • At Court:
    • Soothing Music
    • The Shepherd
    • The Champion
  • The Fugitive Years:
    • He loved him as himself
    • Flight
    • Into the fire
    • Wilderness Preparation
    • Unfriendly Friends
    • Mercy
    • An Answer of Peace
    • I will harm you no more
    • Keep me from the way of lying
    • Changes
    • The interim years
    • Civil War
  • Into Zion
    • In Zion
    • The Ark is brought to Jerusalem
    • The Promise of an house
    • The Census and a Plague
    • War on all Fronts
    • The Kindness of God
  • To Know Oneself
    • Temptation’s Power
    • Recognition
    • Seeds of Rebellion
    • The King’s Longing
    • Gathering Clouds
  • Towards Maturity
    • Across Kidron
    • Hostile Territory
    • Satan’s Counsel
    • Deal gently with the young man
    • The way back
    • North versus South
    • Old and Full of Days
    • Reckoning
    • The Song of David
    • Last Words
    • A House of Great Splendour

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Author(s): Roy Standeven
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 496
Publisher: Roelian Books

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