From the preface to the book: “The Bible record of creation is a work of absolute genius, which, when understood, will be seen to be far from primitive. Compared to the ancient records of various peoples the Genesis account is not only unique; it is also believable.


This book is written in the hope that it will be read by some who have either been misled by atheists or hover uncertain between creation and evolution. It is also intended to reassure any believer in creation and strengthen their faith in the inspired word of God, the Bible.”


The book not only highlights the glory of God in creation, but also that everything He does is for mankind’s benefit – that His primary characteristic is mercy. Themes from the first six chapters of Genesis are followed through the Bible to its final “Amen”. There are 18 digressions briefly covering a wide range of topics including angels, the marriage relationship, suffering, and finally comfort and consolation so that we “find grace to help in time of need.”


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Author(s): Paul Cresswell
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 228
Publisher: Christadelphian Scripture Study Service

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