Detailed verse by verse study. Part of a three volume set

Extract from the Foreword:

Solomon now addresses the person who has accepted the invitation of Wisdom to enter her temple…

Accepting the good news is only the beginning, not the end of the life of a wise person. A newly baptized person is just starting his pilgrimage. It is necessary to leave the milk and to partake of the meat (Hebrews 5:14). It is suggested that in this section we have a multitude of proverbs which are designed to bring maturity to that person who wisely accepted the offer Wisdom made in the first section.

The more we study this section, the more we will see order in it… So while the “order of these proverbs is concealed from the superficial reader, those who wish to be kings will want to “search out” these matters.


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Author(s): Aleck Crawford
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 398
Publisher: Christadelphian Scripture Study service

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