Detailed verse by verse study. Part of a three volume set.

Extract from the Foreword:

There are details of human character that are small enough to escape the mesh of the Law and the broadsides of the prophets, but which are decisive in personal dealings. The book of Proverbs moves in this realm and offers a key to life.

Thus Proverbs is primarily a book of positive principles. This psychological factor is so constant and compelling that almost any verse is calculated to stop a man in his tracks once it is grasped, though this generally does not lie on the surface. Like wisdom itself, the meaning has to be sought for “as for a hid treasure”. There are hundreds of individual proverbs and they bear unmistakable lessons which are often brought out more pointedly here than anywhere else in the Bible. 

We must remember that the wisdom contained in Proverbs is from God. It was from the LORD himself that Solomon received his special gift of wisdom. In these wise sayings then, it is the LORD who is speaking.


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Author(s): Aleck Crawford
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 174
Publisher: Christadelphian Scripture Study service

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