This book looks deeper into the Mercy of God shown to Assyria at the time of Jonah and the Judgement of God that befell them because of their unbelief, as prophesied by Nahum.

“Woe to Assyria the rod of mine anger, the staff in whose hand is their indignation” (Isaiah 10:5)

This book makes considerable reference to all the principal passages where Assyria is referred to in the record of Scripture from Moses to Micah… In Nahum 3:17 the prophet foretells the time when their existence would become unknown; at the time when Nahum spoke these words Assyria was the greatest power in the world, with an empire taking up most of the fertile crescent and right down into Southern Egypt! Yet, that is exactly what happened, this power was entirely lost!

For many years Bible critics made scathing comment upon the Biblical references to Assyria for no-one could fine a skerrick of evidence in the Middle East to verify that it ever existed or where it’s great capital city Nineveh had been build. So Assyria and Nineveh were used as a laughing stock by the sceptics. No-one in the western world knew anything circumstantial about this power, apart from what Scripture had said.

God chose His time. For when critics were at their highest volume (and Charles Darwin was about to complement them with his atheistic theory of evolution) a young lawyer in London called Henry Layard was posted to Turkey in a diplomatic role, the year being 1842… his curiosity and drive led him to find and uncover the great cities of Assyria! Many items from his excavations were moved to, and are still housed in, the British Museum in London – the perfect answer to all the noisy critics!

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Author(s): Geoff Henstock
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 106
Publisher: Christadelphian Scripture Study Service


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