This book explores the events that occurred and the lives of some of the prominent characters throughout the time of the Judges and Ruth. Providing Bible references and thoughts to help the reader explore the topics more deeply and draw out lessons for our own lives.

Chapter headings:

  • Israel’s Inheritance
  • The theme of the Book of Judges
  • Othniel and Ehud
  • Deborah, Barak and Jael
  • Deborah’s Song
  • The Call of Gideon
  • A Fearful and Brilliant Leader
  • The Cherubim of Glory
  • Pursuit
  • Gideon’s Ephod
  • The Abominable Abimelech
  • Interim
  • Jephthah
  • Jephthah’s Vow
  • “Shibboleth”
  • The Birth of Samson
  • Samson’s Exploits
  • The Death of Samson
  • Samson: A Double Type
  • Micah’s Home-made Religion
  • The Danite Migration
  • The Outrage at Gibeah
  • The Punishment of Benjamin
  • The Rebuilding of Benjamin
  • Sanctuaries in Ancient Israel
  • Ruth and Naomi Journey to Bethlehem
  • Gleaning
  • Proposal of Marriage
  • Happy Ever After
  • “Types of Us”
  • The Appendices to the Book of Judges

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Author(s): Harry Whittaker
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 251
Publisher: Biblia Books

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