Writing in an engaging and conversational style, Rob de Jongh provides Food for Thought for each chapter of the book of Psalms, a book containing some of the most revealing insights into the minds of David and Jesus.

Discover how the Psalms match historical events such as David’s sin with Bathsheba, his near death experience at the hand of King Saul, and his betrayal by his son Absalom. Read the innermost feelings of David as he grappled with his weaknesses and sin, and discover how these events pointed forward to Jesus and his ministry.

The book of Psalms, perhaps more than any book in the Bible, gives us food for thought and comfort in a myriad of situations, and shows us a pattern of how we can overcome our human propensity for selfishness and ultimately give in to God’s will for us. It teaches us how to pray and how to praise God through the words of those whom God inspired to write them for our learning.

About the Food for Thought Series:

  • Bite-size Bible studies for each chapter of the Old Testament
  • Cross-references lead you to personally discover Bible truth
  • Perfect for family Bible time and informal study groups
  • Ideal source book for sermons, Bible classes and talks

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Author(s): Rob de Jongh
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 410
Publisher: Woodland Press Ltd
ISBN: 9781913699024

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