A summary of Isaiah 40-66, including The Servant Prophecies and a verse by verse exposition of Isaiah Chapter 53.

Isaiah’s prophecy is an especially important section of the Word of God. It is placed first among the books of prophecy and contains more chapters than any other. The language employed is colourful, dramatic and majestic. There are probably as many quotations in the New Testament from Isaiah as from all the rest of the Old Testament books combined. There are copious references from it in the record of the Gospels and frequently the Lord himself uses language borrowed from Isaiah.

This distinctive importance of the prophecy of Isaiah is immediately suggested by the prophet’s own name. It means “The Salvation of Yah”, being the same as Jesus’ name but with the syllables reversed. The prophecy centres therefore upon the greatest message, the means by which Yahweh would save man from his sin and glorify His name in their salvation. This glorious subject was not revealed to those of previous ages but there were intriguing and important passages in Isaiah which beamed greater light on the subject than any of the other prophecies.


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Author(s): Jim Luke and John Martin
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 24
Publisher: Christadelphian Scripture Study Service

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