Extract from chapter 1:

“Whatever view may be taken of Jesus Christ, he cannot be excluded from history. He is not a legend, or a superstition, or a theory that may be brushed lightly aside. He is one of those ‘stubborn things’ that men call facts. You may ignore him, but you cannot expunge him. You may neglect him or misinterpret him; but you cannot get rid of the fact, and whatever may grow out of the fact, that he has appeared and enacted a part among men which has left an indelible impress on their condition in all civilized lands…”

This book looks at the life and work of the Lord Jesus Christ, from his reality and place in history, through his lifetime from his conception, early life and ministry to his death, resurrection and ascension.

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Author: Robert Roberts

Binding: Hardback / Digital (ePub or Kindle download / Edition No.: 1 / March 2022)
Print edition: ISBN 978 0 85189 105 7 | Electronic edition: ISBN 978 0 85189 462 1
Pages: 568
Publisher: The Christadelphian

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