Another book about Antichrist? There is an abundance of Christian fiction on this very timely subject, but are you sure that the Antichrist you’re looking for, is the same one the Bible warns us about?

If you love truth, if you esteem the Bible as God’s inspired word, then you won’t blindly follow the opinions of men – whoever they may be. Neither does Peter Bryant. In this stirring novel, Peter returns to his hometown for a visit after ten years abroad. At first he wants nothing to do with the religion that he rejected so long ago. When he lost his girlfriend to cancer, he also lost his faith. In his eyes, God is completely ‘unfair’. However, a series of popular Christian novels and his best friend’s warnings finally provoke Peter to search the matter out – from the source – the word of God.

Throughout the story, Peter struggles with the impact of God’s word on his life. He faces many hard choices; he makes poor decisions; at times he wonders if he’ll ever have faith. But eventually joy overcomes the sorrow – a joy that surpasses everything he’s ever known before.


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Author(s): Anna Tikvah
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 392
Series: In Search of Life series – Book 2

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