Adam and Asher


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Adam and Asher – A story about Christ’s return.

When Asher says he will disappear on the day Jesus returns to the earth, Adam doesn’t believe him. Then, the unexpected happens. No words can describe Adam’s shock when he realises that Asher and his family have vanished from their home. Meanwhile, Christ’s followers have been taken to a secret location where they are preparing to meet Jesus. Will every member of Asher’s family feel excited when they finally see the Lord they have promised to serve?

Life is very difficult for Adam as he struggles to cope in a troubled world, where one disaster follows another. As each day passes, Adam waits with increasing desperation, hoping that Asher will come back to help him.

In stock

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Age: 12-18 years
Author(s): Heather Bourke
Binding: Paperback
ISBN: 9780648393313
Pages: 199
Publisher: Food for the Journey Press


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