Palestine: Mythical Yet Real


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The return of the Jews to the land promised to the patriarchs is the greatest of all signs that the return of our Lord is near. As prophesied in various places, the Jews, after many centuries in dispersion, started to return to the land in large numbers in the closing decades of the nineteenth century. They returned to a land that was already occupied by Arabs, many of whom resented their arrival. Conflict between the returning Jews and the Arabs living in the land has been a constant feature over the last century and continues to fester. Tensions between the Israelis and the Palestinians dominate the way in which the world relates to the Jewish state. Jerusalem is and always has been at the heart of these tensions, as we would expect from the words of Zechariah 12.

Just as the return of the Jews to God’s land is a feature of latter-day prophecies, so too is the response to their return by the Arabs in and around Israel. In this book we look at the prophetic and historical background to the current Israeli-Palestinian conflict. We also look at prophecies which describe how the Palestinians and their supporters may be expected to act in the future. The book only scratches the surface of this fascinating topic, but it provides readers with a base on which they can build as they read the prophets and watch for our Lord’s return.

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Author(s): Geoff Henstock
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 108
Publisher: CSSS

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