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Help – Browsing Our Site

Where do I find things on your website?

Our website is organised the following way:

  • Any information about, or resources from, our organisation are available from the menu bar along the top of every page;
  • Anything related to our shop is under the Shop menu section.
  • You can also search for products by clicking the magnifying glass icon(at the far right of the main menu).

How do I browse your online shop?

The first place to start is by hovering over Shop in the main menu at the top of every page; this shows the main sections of our shop. Clicking on a section takes you into our shop where you can start browsing.

I’m looking for a specific title. How do I find it?

Simply click on the magnifying glass icon(at the far right of the main menu), then enter in a word or words you wish to search for in the [Search] box which appears. You can search for words from the title, author, description; or even a topic or an ISBN number.

As you type, items found will appear in a scrollable list below the [Search] box. If you click on an item, you will be taken to that page. Alternatively, if you press [Return / Enter / Go] on your keyboard the results will be shown on a separate page. Clicking on any of these products will then take you to the relevant page.

If no products are found a warning will appear instead. In this case, try searching for less words or try an alternative spelling.