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Back Issues

How do I download the back issues?

After you have checked out the order for the back issues, they are automatically added to the Downloads section of your Account Dashboard. In order to access this section you need to be signed in to your online account, then go to My Account > Downloads.

Once you are in your downloads section, you can click on the back issues file to download it to your device.

The files to be downloaded are big (over 200MB) so you need to be sure that you have enough space for it. Your computer or device will have its own protocol for saving such downloads in an appropriate location, but if you have subscribed to the electronic version of The Christadelphian and want to be able to search this download and the more recent issues, create a folder on your computer and put the download and the monthly issues into that folder.

How do I open and search the back issues?

If you haven’t already got Adobe Reader installed on your computer, install it first (it’s a free download). Adobe keeps updating the software, so you might want to check that you’ve got the latest version. Using the Reader, locate the downloaded file, which is called Magazine-[years]-Back-Copies.pdf and you can then search within the PDF using the “Find” or “Advanced Search” facility (both accessed in the “Edit” menu).

If you are opening it on other devices (such as tablet or smartphone), open it in the same way as other PDFs (this will vary depending on what device you are using).

How do I search through all the magazines on my computer?

If you have grouped your other electronic issues of the magazine with this download on your computer, search the entire folder using the “Advanced Search” facility. The software will then search all those issues, but the recently monthly magazines will not have the same “copy and paste” flexibility. That will be provided when the next five-yearly update becomes available.

How do I browse through the back issues?

If you want to browse rather than search, use the Bookmark facility in the Reader which distinguishes the years in question and is indexed on a month-by-month basis.

I’ve accidentally deleted my copy of the back issues. Can I download it again?

Of course. There are no limitations on the number of times you can download the back issues. It can be accessed by signing into your account and viewing your downloads (My Account > Downloads).

Can I copy and paste articles from the back issues?

Of course. For copyright protection, the back issues do not allow any modification, but you can copy text from the PDF. However, we ask that you only use this for your own personal use and / or study.