Consultative Group

The CMPA Consultative Group was formed in order to work more closely with the Christadelphian community both in the UK and around the world. The Group is chaired by Stephen Whitehouse. The Consultative Group’s views are sought on the material and style of The Christadelphian and Faith Alive! magazines, and on a variety of other topics, such as:

  • our book production programme (and any subject areas the Group think we should be addressing);
  • our electronic publications and digital communications;
  • other non-Christadelphian publications we should stock;
  • our website;
  • the structure and functioning of the CMPA Committee; and
  • the function of the Christadelphian Office.

This is not an exhaustive list. We listen to the Group’s views on other issues as we seek to serve the brotherhood in the most effective way.

Those brothers and sisters who have joined the Group are listed below and they will be pleased to hear views on any of the matters listed above. If any ecclesia wishes to make a nomination they should contact the Editor in the first instance. We pray for our Father’s blessing on this work.

The Consultative Group members are listed below:

Marcus Bauer

(Esslingen, Germany)

Steve Cheetham

(Moorestown, USA)

Miriam Collard

(Birmingham, Kings Norton)

Simon Collard


Tim Collard

(Birmingham, Kings Norton)

Michael Edgecombe

(Mount Barker, Australia)

David Edmonds


Jon Gill


Geoff Henstock

(Happy Valley, Australia)

Stephen Hill

(Aberfoyle Park, Australia)

Sid Levett

(Canterbury, Australia)

Jonathan Millar

(Nottingham, Forest Road)

Amy Parkin

(Hull & Beverley)

Matthew Pearce


William Perry

(Detroit, Milford Road, USA)

Kevin Rawlings


Michael Riley

(Bournemouth, Winton)

Paul Tanner

(Birmingham, Hall Green)

Graeme Tucker

(Eastern Suburbs, Australia)

John Vickers


Jo Wale


Martin Webster

(Kitchener-Waterloo, Canada)

Steve Weston